Current Projects



Catnip Chorus provides calming music for cats who suffer from anxiety or stress in indoor households. The music uses instruments, melodies and rhythms that have been proven to help reduce stress while still being interesting to the human ear.

You can find Johnny’s music on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp



Oasis Love follows the journey of a love-stricken boy as he navigates himself through his first relationship. Along the way Damien finds himself battling to find his place within the manipulation from his boyfriend and the delusions caused by his good intentions. Using music and monologues, Damien shares the rise and fall of his relationship with his closest friends: the audience.


Classes & Programs


A continuation of Creative Writing: Memoirs Part I. Participants in this course present work weekly for class discussion and critique. Developing each participant’s memoir into a unified work is the focus. Learners must have previously completed a creative writing course. This is a continuing education course offered at Overland Learning Center.


Participate in the basics of stage performance through the use of theatre games, improvisation, ensemble storytelling and scene study. Vocal techniques and body movement exercises will be introduced. This course is a continuing education course that is offered at Central Tech.


This course is an interactive workshop of play development. Sample topics include storylines, framework/structure, dialogue, format, the incorporation of technical aspects, and each student will end the course with a completed short play. Each lesson includes a lecture component and a practical writing component. Be prepared to share your writing with the class and to listen to the works of others. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in creative writing, storytelling, or general theatre. No experience required. This course is a continuing education course that is offered at Leaside High School.

Do you run an organization that is looking to bring in a writing, music, or acting course? Let me know! I might just be able to help you.