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Catnip Chorus provides calming music for cats who suffer from anxiety or stress in indoor households. The music uses instruments, melodies and rhythms that have been proven to help reduce stress while still being interesting to the human ear.

You can find Johnny’s music on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp



Oasis Love follows the journey of a love stricken boy as he navigates himself through his first relationship. Along the way Damien finds himself battling to find his place within the manipulation from his boyfriend and the delusions caused by his good intentions. Using music and monologues, Damien shares the rise and fall of his relationship with his closest friends: the audience.



A personal pet blog that documents the lives of my pets as well as reviews pet-related products.


A media provider for queer events, artists, news & more. Includes projects such as Our Queer Stories, Our Queer Art, Our Queer History and Our Daily Queer


Supawcute is a submission site that features interviews, product reviews and stories of pets worldwide.

Classes & Programs


This is course for anyone interested in writing their own works. The course analyses the different forms of creative writing and offers writing advice/dramaturgy for writers. Each class features a writing exercise, a class lesson, individual coachings and a class discussion period to discuss the work that has been writing inside the class and as homework. In this class everyone works at their own pace and is given assignments specific to their needs/interest. The class can be joined at any time and no is experience required. This course is offered at the Active Living Centre.


Learn to craft characters, create mood and structure your work while letting your language flow Exercises focus on the creating of character through which plot is explored. You will work toward creating a strong story. Teacher editorials and controlled workshop approaches are used to develop strategies for enhancing each individual story. This course is a continuing education course that is offered at Leaside High School & Central Tech.


This course is an interactive workshop of play development. Sample topics include storylines, framework/structure, dialogue, format, the incorporation of technical aspects, and each student will end the course with a completed short play. Each lesson includes a lecture component and a practical writing component. Be prepared to share your writing with the class and to listen to the works of others. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in creative writing, storytelling, or general theatre. No experience required. This course is a continuing education course that is offered at Leaside High School.

Do you run an organization that is looking to bring in a writing, music, or acting course? Let me know! I might just be able to help you.