Deficiency Syndrome

deficiency syndrome

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Deficiency Syndrome is a devised narrative musical that follows six individuals infected with HIV/AIDS. It’s a story dealing with a rapid spreading stigma in a modern world. It’s about sex and drugs; it’s about race and homophobia: the very things we as a society grapple with everyday. Each character is infected from a different circumstance which spins them into a spiraling story of strength and loss, love and hate, faith and regret. Everyone has their own story and their own way of handling it, but in the end they share a common destiny. Everyone has a deficiency syndrome that is paired with a stigma. How will their impulses change their stories and how they bare with the five stages leading to their deaths?

Track List

Silent Whispers
The Vatican Song
I Am More
Distant Star
Feel Like Lettin’ Go
The Final Track
The Author Wrote the End
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