Distant Star

Cover Art // Elise Xavier
Disk Art // John Salib
All Songs (except The Author Wrote the End)
Audio Engineered & Mixed by: Mary Lee
Mastered by : Shae Jakeman
The Author Wrote the End
Audio Engineered by: Mary Lee
Mixed by: Shae Jakeman & John Salib
Mastered by: Shae Jakeman
All music & lyrics written by John Salib
Live Tracks: Sittin’ In Silence, Spin Me In Circles, The Final Track

|| About Distant Star ||
Distant Star has been a really tough album to get through. It contains songs of mine that have been incubating for as many as 7 years. It holds a lot of my past as well as a lot of hope for my future; so picking songs for the album was one of the toughest things to do. This is especially because each of my songs has a certain memory attached to it, but I wanted to make sure that there was a linear storyline in the album. You may notice that each song has a unique flavour or style to it that shows the different stages that I have gone through as a musician. I’ve been asked many times to describe Distant Star , but I really can’t. The CD speaks for itself, and it surprisingly tells the story of this year so well. Although some of the songs featured on the album were written when I was 13, they still relate to exactly what I was going through when I was 20; that’s the thing about music, it’s timeless. If you write a good song, it will never expire and it will always stay true. My goal for Distant Star is to reach to an audience that needs a listening ear. I feel this album is very down to earth and raw, as it features a lot of my “unreleased” music that I’ve feared to show others.

|| Thank-Yous ||
With every album comes a great list of thank-yous directed at the people who have inspired, supported, and financed the project. Before I split off into individual thank-yous I would like to start off by thanking my fan/support base. Can we just recall that 6 years ago I was a youtuber who uploaded Evanescence instrumental tracks? I’d sit in my basement recording with my cannon digital camera and hope that someone would stumble upon my videos. 6 years later, I’m a Theatre Major who has written music for both film and stage, who has worked with talented individuals (two of which are on this album), and I have this album under my belt thanks to you! I would just like to express how whole-heartedly I appreciate you. A lot of people state that they love their fans, or that they wouldn’t be where they are because of them, and I’m here to say that’s true. As someone who is afraid to jump off a cliff, I can’t tell you the amount of times I thought of backing out of this CD. I’ve had many questions of if it was worth releasing, but it’s my fan/support base that keeps me doing what I’m doing. Yes, I love what I do, but it makes me that much happier to know that you are beside me along the journey; so thank-you for supporting me.

|| My Creative Team ||
Mary Lee. I cannot express how much I love and adore you for being there every step of the way. Thank-you for sitting in the studio with me and thank-you for listening to me whine about my “stupid” heartbroken feelings. Thank-you for giving me feedback when I sucked, because everyone knows how cocky I am, jokes! Seriously though, you have spent so many hours listening to me sing the same lines over and over, so many hours listening to me talk about why these songs are important to me, and so many hours stressing out about pleasing me (which is something you have done for sure!). I’m glad we met last Halloween, not only because you helped me create an album, but also because you helped me through such a big part of my life. You’re not only a coworker to me, but also a dear friend. Glad you’re on my team darling. Let’s have another one of those movie nights, you hear?

Shae Jakeman. Sir, when I originally wrote your thank-you I really didn’t know what to write. I wrote a silly paragraph that sounded like I had just graduated high school and had nothing better to say other than, “You’re Cool. Don’t Change!” Thing is, now that we’ve spend hours locked up together, I have something to tell you. You’re cool. Don’t change! It’s been a pleasure working with you, especially because you’re such a laid back person. Teaching me not to freak out every two seconds, because things aren’t going my way. I’m especially grateful because you show me such a different side of my music and I cannot wait until we revamp this album and make it all pop remixes, because who doesn’t want to hear “The Author Wrote the End” with pop beats in the background. Whether or not we hit it big time doesn’t matter, it’s just the fact that we survived this craziness! Glad to have met you sir and here’s to our future! PS. I’ll bring the wine.

|| My Featured Artists ||
Rachel Fridkin. It blows my mind every day that you actually flew all the way from Chicago just to be on my album. How many months did I know you for? 4? Not even. Rachie, I just want to thank you so much for listening to me rant about everything. I love every one of our 2 AM skype calls where we basically just tell each other all of our problems. Thank-you for pulling me through this summer, you really made an impact on me. I promise we will both pull through together as a team, because great things are in store for us. Whether we work together online, or we work together in person. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with, and such a pleasure to take out onto the street of Toronto. Do you remember anything I taught you? No? That’s okay, we’ll have a recap next time you’re here!

Emm Gryner. I want to thoroughly thank-you for being such a great support system to me for all of these years. It’s great to have someone who I can send my demos to for another opinion. I am especially grateful because I get to ask you questions about anything since you’ve been there and gotten that t-shirt. Thank-you for being such a rad friend to me and for teaching me the ropes of the music industry, I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your advice. I will always remember the day you posted my cover of “ Black Winged Bird ” on your website stating that I will one day take over the world. It definitely gave me the confidence to push further and harder than I have ever pushed. Watching you perform all these years has taught me a lot about being a musician, and has taught me a lot about keeping it real.

|| To those who helped fund this album ||
Geo Chittle. I cannot thank-you enough for all of the support you show me. I especially thank you for all the time you take to comment on all of my YouTube videos. It really means the world to know you’re supporting me every step of the way. Thank-you for donating to my CD as well as for believing in my art, even though I’m in a whole other country.

Christain Pakozdi. Let’s just recall all of those nights we bought wine and sat around tumbling together. Let’s also recall those moments where I killed you in minecraft a million times. Best thank-you to give you is, thanks for not blowing up a creeper next to my album. Much appreciated girlfran! Seriously though, thank-you also for always being ready to support my art, and for believing in me no matter what I do. Thank-you for being that friend who comes to every concert/show you can. You know how much I really appreciate all of that support. Also, thank-you for introducing me to Shae, because I damn well needed that! Next step is getting our song recorded, deal?

Victoria Pyle. Considering you’ve seen me on the street in my natural habitat, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten to meet you ever again. I will say our story is my favourite story to tell people. I would like to thank-you for being a constant support, especially because you are one of my longest subscribers from the good old days of BlogTV. It’s great to know you have my back, and hopefully we can team up in the future and use our studies to back us up!

To my family…
I know it often seems like I am distant from you, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate all of your support for me. Mom, I’m glad we’re getting closer, because I really did miss that in my younger years. These past few months I have found comfort in you, especially when we spend time watching videos together and discuss worldly issues. Thank-you for being there for me that one night that I was ready to put everything aside and give up, it meant the world to me that you encouraged me to keep going because I’m still young. I love you Mother Dearest, and I hope you know that. My dearest sister, we are always bickering about something, but we’ve always found a way to resolve all of our issues. I’m glad we have each other to talk to; especially because you were the only person I knew to call when my world was crumbling down. Thank-you for constantly reminding me that I still have time to get things done in my life, and for reminding me I will find a better lover in the future. I promise I’ll move out soon, especially so I can have Avery all to myself. Also, I don’t know if you realize how appreciative I am that you accepted me so quickly for being me. It came as a huge surprise to me, and actually made it so much easier for me to stand strong in whomever I love. To my godmother Mary, I just want to thank you for always being supportive of me. Thank-you especially for taking me out to lunch this year, it was great to have a family member to talk to about everything that is/was going on in my life. I know you’re there for me as much as I’m there for you! I love you dearly.

A special thank-you goes out to the following people who helped shape my life, my career, and have stuck with me through the thick and thin: Yolanda Bonnell, Claudia Carino, Meghan Chalmers, Blair Duckworth, Ashley Epp, Eric Hauser, Janet Laine-Green, Emily Lawson, Nicholas Martin, John Millard, Franny McCabe-Bennett, Wendy O’Brien, Andrew O’Handley, Mike Schroeder, Rocio Soncini, Vanessa Spence, Eldon Thiele, Joshua Unick, Jean Webb, and Dylan Shumka-White.