Jamies Gone


Play Synopsis

When the small, isolated town of Vernon is struck by the disappearance of a young boy, the town takes advantage of the situation to help feed their own wants and desires… only to completely fall apart instead. Where’s Jamie? Will he ever be found? And what else has disappeared with him? With physical movement, biting dialogue, and a haunting original score, Broken Soil Theatre presents an award-winning story about community, loss, faith, deceit, narcissism, and the struggle for power and redemption.

About the Company

Broken Soil Theatre is a brand new company comprised of young, fresh up-and-coming theatre artists. Founded by Michael Kras, the company’s mission is to provide a challenging experimental environment in which young artists can create the theatre they’ve never been able to before. This is youths doing theatre that is anything but ‘youthful’. Broken Soil’s goal is to create theatre that is at once accessible and challenging… to create new work that provokes, moves, offends, and excites audiences.